The Santa Cruz de Tenerife trail will open this Sunday, in full level 4 of the health alert for COVID

The trace of the capital of Tenerife will be open next Sunday, has indicated the president of the association of the trace of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Carmen Tejera, who recalled that this activity is carried out in the open air and with capacity control.

Carmen Tejera has made this announcement because in social networks there has been speculation about the closure of this activity because Tenerife has risen to alert level 4 for coronavirus infections, and has highlighted that the Santa Cruz de Tenerife trail has a only one street to access and another to exit.

The president of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife trail association has emphasized the need for the 412 families that make a living from this activity to work, especially after a Reyes campaign that has not been good.

A trail that began operating in a new location in April, between Avenida Marítima and Avenida de la Constitución, and with a series of regulations such as that only the owner or auxiliary person who appears in the administrative authorization of each authorized point of sale, and only the presence of both is allowed for assembly and disassembly.

Carmen Tejera recalled that, on the occasion of the passage of Tenerife to alert level 4, the mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, José Manuel Bermúdez, asked the Government of the Canary Islands to clarify the conditions in which the trace of the city would remain.

The mayor stressed in his petition that the Santa Cruz de Tenerife trail, which reopened last April after closing due to the pandemic that began in 2020, has an adapted contingency plan.

According to the information provided by Carmen Tejera, since it is a flea market or a flea market that does not develop the activity sporadically or extraordinarily, it does not require regional health authorization, however the municipal authority must comply with the measures established in a decree-law.

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