The 2022 Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife will have 29 candidates who aspire to become queens

A total of 29 candidates aspire to become queens of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival in its different modalities, after the registration period proposed by the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council has closed, through the Autonomous Organization of Parties and Recreational Activities ( OAFAR).

The Councilor for Festivities, Alfonso Cabello affirmed that “the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is in very good health; we are very proud of the 29 aspiring queens, their designers and their sponsors ”. In this sense, the mayor stressed that “it is a successful call, despite the moments of uncertainty that we live.”

For Cabello, “this push reaffirms us in the commitment of all of us who are part of the Carnival”, and for which “we work every minute in a consensual manner with the groups, combining work calendars and current health regulations”.

The contests for queens of the Carnival of Science Fiction will present 11 candidates for adult queen, 10 for child queen and 8 for older queen. These groups are made up of:

Candidates Adult Queen 2022

1. Naomi Álvarez Fajardo. Design: Jorge González Santana. Sponsor: Fuentealta. Fantasy: Star.

2. Maite Gutiérrez Febles. Design: Cavilladó (Carolina and Víctor). Sponsor: Cortes y Pliegues Tenerife; Casa Ángel Stationery and Warehouse Folder. Fantasy: My life. My dream. Euphoria.

3. Jennifer María García García. Design: Nira Cultural Association (Arganda). Sponsor: Malidente SLU. Fantasy: Dreaming Again.

4. Noelia Adriana Veiga Díaz. Design: Jonathan Suárez. Sponsor: Cabinet of Aesthetics Africa and Victoria.

5. Idaira Toledo Gutiérrez. Design: Alexis Santana Rodríguez. Fantasy: Paradiso.

6. Tania Pérez Rosa. Design: Juan Carlos Armas Febles. Sponsor: The Taste for Wine. Fantasy: The Monarch.

7. Amanda Quintero Rosa. Design: Tin Quintero. Sponsors: Ferretería Las Pirámides SL and Ferretería Castro Delgado SL. Fantasy: Dressed in the Sun.

8. Jesica Fajardo Plasencia. Design: RP Diseño (Rayco Ramírez Pérez). Sponsor: Torres Fajardo Cranes and Bodytime Gym. Fantasy: Kissing freedom.

9. Ruth González Martín. Design: Santi Castro. Sponsor: CC Añaza Carrefour.

10. Yanira Morales Plasencia. Design: Sedomir Rodríguez de la Sierra. Sponsor: CC Alcampo La Laguna.

11. Marta González Pérez. Design: Daniel Pages Sánchez. Sponsor: McDonald’s and El Día-La Opinión de Tenerife. Fantasy: The sky in the background.

Children Queen Candidates 2022

1. Irene Reyes Ramírez. Design: Patricia Ramos Negrín. Sponsor: Napavi Salon of Hairdressing and Aesthetics, Socas Cruz Workshop and Loli Manualista y Artesana. Fantasy: Crazy tea time.

2. Sara Ortíz Martín. Design: Ruyman Pérez Jorge. Sponsor: Santiago del Teide City Council. Fantasy: Tell us another tale of enchanted princesses and enchanted castles.

3. Leyre González Prieto. Design: Carlos David Afonso Darias. Sponsor: Onboard Restaurant. Title: The one that we have bundled chick.

4. Dayreli Regalado Pérez. Design: Jonathan Suárez. Sponsor: Kiosko La Constitución.

5. Elena Cabello Mona. Design: Dani Mena. Sponsor: El Kilo La Camella and Salvaje La Tejita. Fantasy: With all my soul.

6. Vera García Lima. Designed by Alexis Santana Rodríguez. Fantasy: The most beautiful that came to the Canary Islands.

7. Candela Rodríguez Martín. Design: Ana Isabel Portocarrero Martín. Sponsor: Hello El Paso. El Paso City Council. Fantasy: A party in my garden.

8. Valentina Díaz Santana. Design: Santiago Castro Campos. Sponsor: BP Guamasa and Autostil Premium Cars.

9. María Cruz Asensio. Design: Santiago Castro Campos. Sponsor: Bar El Cine.

10. Ainhoa ​​Díaz Morales. Design: David Hernández. Fantasy: And I finally found you.

Candidates Queen of the Elders 2022

1. Francisca Navarro Mendoza. Design: Carlos David Afonso Darías. Sponsor: Arona Tourist Board. Fantasy: “In another skin”.

2. María Magdalena Hernández Toste. Design: Cultural Association of the Nira Carnival (Arganda). Sponsor: Los Realejos City Council. Fantasy: Return.

3. Juana Pérez Sánchez. Design: Alexis Santana Rodríguez. Sponsor: Santa Úrsula Open Shopping Area. Fantasy: My great weakness.

4. María del Carmen Ramos Quintero. Design: Alfonso Jesús Baute Páez. Sponsor: Center for Alternative Therapies Orotherapies.

5. Ángeles Ramos Díaz. Design: Antonio Santos Arteaga. Sponsor: The Magic Court. Fantasy: Rafaella.

6. Evelyna de la Fuente. Santi Castro design. Sponsors: City Council of Granadilla de Abona.

7. – Design: David Hernández Páez. Sponsor: Town Hall of the Villa de Arico. Fantasy: The star that shines the brightest.

8. Candelaria Goya Goya. Design: David Hernández Páez. Sponsor: El Sauzal City Council. Fantasy: Welcome to Paradise.

The queen contests that will be held at the Tenerife Fairgrounds, will collect the witness of Naomi María Cabrera Pulido, Antonia Garrido Francés and Ylenia Rodríguez Domínguez, the court of Scepter Guardians who guard the royal staff from the show “Santa Cruz Corazón del Carnaval”, the television event that was the culmination of the virtual edition 2021.

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