Tenerife opens a popular consultation on the sustainable mobility plan on the island for the next 20 years

The Mobility area of ​​the Cabildo de Tenerife has begun the drafting of the Insular Plan for Sustainable Mobility of the island of Tenerife (PIMSIT) to develop the policy in this matter for the next two decades and from a process of citizen participation in which groups Publics, entities and individuals will be able to make contributions and respond to different questions about transport and mobility on the island.

José Alberto León, insular director of Mobility:

José Alberto León, insular director of Mobility: “The solution for traffic in Tenerife is through public transport”

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The Citizen Participation area collaborates in this process, providing support with the platform that houses the consultation and providing assistance in the drafting of the questions that make up the questionnaire.

For the Minister of Mobility, Enrique Arriaga, “the PIMSIT constitutes the basic element of strategic sectoral planning that will allow establishing the model of organization and management of mobility for the next 20 years”, to which he adds that it will be done “with an of sustainability and focusing on the empowerment and improvement of public transport, the connections between all public and private transport modes “.

In addition, it indicates in a note that it is “a key document to avoid congestion problems, it will allow to know quantitatively and qualitatively what the current situation in terms of mobility is, for example, the number of vehicles, travel or public transport available.”

Based on a diagnosis of the current situation of mobility on the island and taking into account the contributions of citizens, the guidelines for the organization and management of mobility at the island level will be proposed and the possible alternatives to, after the corresponding evaluation, define with specify the elements of the proposed alternative.

The insular director of Mobility, José Alberto León, points out that “the inconveniences related to mobility greatly affect the population of Tenerife and its visitors with environmental effects and on the island’s quality of life” and adds that “the increase The continuation of vehicles on the island’s roads and its consequent problems with traffic, parking and retentions has made mobility one of the main challenges for the Island Government to find alternatives that go beyond the construction of more roads. ”

Transition to less polluting buses

León adds that “the proposals and contributions that are collected during the period of citizen participation will be analyzed, those that are considered interesting and enriching could be included in the development of PIMSIT”.

PIMSIT will also consider how to make the transition from buses to less polluting models; mobility plans in companies, educational centers or shopping centers or, for example, new technologies applied to mobility on the island.

The public consultation can be carried out by entering the page where you can access more information about the PIMSIT itself, carry out an opinion questionnaire, open a debate in the participation section and even be registered for participation in future participation activities that are carried out within the framework of the elaboration of the PIMSIT.

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