The lucky gas station of the south motorway of Tenerife in Granadilla de Abona, La Chasnera, has sold tenths of the numbers awarded with the second and third prizes in the Lotería del Niño draw held this Thursday in Madrid, and which have corresponded to 44,469 and 19,467, respectively.

The 'lucky gas station' in Tenerife closes its eighth consecutive year with prizes in the Christmas Lottery

The ‘lucky gas station’ in Tenerife closes its eighth consecutive year with prizes in the Christmas Lottery

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The first prize of the extraordinary draw of the Children’s lottery, 41,665, sold entirely in a single administration in Logroño, has brought 100 million euros to the Riojan capital, while the second and third have left pinches practically all over the country.

The administration of lottery number 6, on Muro del Carmen street, has been in charge of selling this number to the Trompeta restaurant, something in the Haro Camping and, most of them, at the window.

Twenty years subscribed to 41,665, the first prize

Visibly moved, the head of the graceful Riojan administration, Ángel Alda, explained that all tenths of the number have been sold, since it is a termination that “has been liked.”

And it seems that with good reason, because the 41,665, in addition to being graced with the first prize, the completion 665 has been awarded 100 euros to the tenth.

“It is a very welcome award” in this pandemic situation in Logroño, the lottery has specified, while the first comment from those responsible for the Trumpeta restaurant has been “it was time for us! After more than 20 years of subscribing to the number”.

Second prize: sold in all the autonomous regions except La Rioja

The second prize has been sold practically throughout Spain. All the communities have taken a pinch of this award, except La Rioja, which with the 100 million euros of the first prize has not missed being blessed with it.

Thus, the number 44,469 has left 1.4 million euros in Asturias where nineteen tickets have been sold, seventeen of them in an administration on Gran Capitán street in Gijón and two in a tobacconist in the same town and in another in Oviedo.

To the Balearic Islands it has taken 750,000 euros corresponding to ten tenths distributed in nine administrations of Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza, while another 525,000 euros have traveled to the Basque Country.

In Murcia, the second prize has distributed 470,000 euros equally between Beniel, Molina de Segura (La Alcayna urbanization), Murcia (El Esparragal, Sangonera la Seca and Carrefour Zaraíche) and Archena (La Algaida).

The Three Wise Men have left a bit of luck this year in the province of León, which is left with 175,000 euros of the second prize, sold in the capital and La Bañeza, while the third has also touched him, in this case in Villablino .

Several administrations in Madrid have sold this number, one of them located at the entrance to the Atocha station, where the Chorus of the Christmas draw has already played, although on that occasion it was in an administration in the AVE area.

19,467, a third prize also widely distributed

The third prize has gone to cities such as Madrid, Valencia, Hospitalet de Llobregat, Jerez de la Frontera, Estepona, O Porriño (Pontevedra), Villafranca de Córdoba and, as has become customary, at the gas station on the southern highway, in Granadilla de Abona (Santa Cruz de Tenerife), which has also sold tenths of the second.

The 19,467 has left 11.25 million euros in the city of Valencia, since the 42nd administration has sold 45 of the 50 series in this number.

The lottery office is located on Francisco Belvís street, in the Ayora neighborhood of the Valencian capital, and has sold 450 tickets per window, so it is “super distributed and the whole neighborhood has played it,” said Ernesto Sánchez , responsible for this administration, The carabassa d’or.

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