Tenerife complies with all the Health requirements to pass to level 4 of health alert

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the hospitals of Tenerife fully feel the pressure of the sixth wave of the pandemic. The occupancy rate in this section, where the most serious patients are admitted, put this Monday at extreme risk due to the high number of people with COVID-19 that has entered in recent days. This could make the Government of the Canary Islands shuffle this week the pass of Tenerife to health alert level 4.

The Canary Islands start the year with their ICUs under pressure from COVID patients

The Canary Islands start the year with their ICUs under pressure from COVID patients

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The island has been dragging bad data in that indicator since last week, when it was already at high risk. It was not until the update of the daily epidemiological report of the Canary Islands Health Service (SCS) on Monday when the ICU rate entered extreme risk, registering 26% of COVID patients. The limit established by the Ministry of Health to enter the most worrying risk level in this parameter is to exceed 25% occupancy.

The report with consolidated data from December 29 showed that this percentage was at 21.3%, so in five days it has grown by five points. However, income in Gran Canaria (the other island where UCI data is most worrying) has remained unchanged for almost a week. That 18% of admissions in critics for the disease that the round island scores, on the other hand, forces it to remain at high risk.

There is also no good news for Tenerife in the rate of admission to the plant (the most stable patients but who require hospitalization) due to COVID-19. It is the only island that has this flag painted red, at high risk. Its data, 12.6% of hospitalizations related to the infection, is very different from those seen in the rest of the Archipelago, since none reaches even 6% of admissions in this area.

Therefore, the island not only has all its indicators of the transmission block (incidences and positivity) at extreme risk, but one of the block of care capacity is at high risk (hospital admission rate) and another, at extreme risk ( ICU admission rate).

The document prepared by the National Health System, which includes the guidelines for evaluating the evolution of the pandemic in a given area, establishes that a territory will be classified at the highest level of alert for COVID-19 in the event that at least two indicators of block I (transmission) are at that level of risk or higher and at least one of the indicators of block II (care capacity) are at that level or higher.

In view of the situation, the Governing Council of the Canary Islands could assess this week raising Tenerife to the highest level of health alert, on the 4th, due to the clear deterioration of its data.

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