Arrested after assaulting an octogenarian and taking the money that was going to enter a bank in La Laguna

An off-duty National Police agent has detained a 55-year-old man in La Laguna (Tenerife) who had just robbed an octogenarian who was queuing at the bank to pay 1,000 euros.

It was on the 13th when the detainee, with multiple antecedents, approached the octogenarian, who was queuing outside a branch in San Benito, and snatched the envelope with the money.

A woman who witnessed the robbery tried to stop the thief from fleeing but he wielded a large screwdriver to intimidate her.

An off-duty officer in the vicinity observed the entire scene.

He identified himself and stopped the assailant, who tried to attack him with the screwdriver, but the policeman dodged the attacks and finally managed to reduce him and arrest him.

The Police connect this man with various criminal acts, including several similar robberies, as well as five crimes against property.

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