Aena starts a plan to soundproof more than 2,000 homes near the Tenerife South airport

The Reina Sofía-Tenerife South Airport has launched its Acoustic Isolation Plan to soundproof more than 2,400 homes and buildings of sensitive use (health, educational and cultural) in its surroundings, provided that they meet the conditions provided for it, as reported Aena.

The criteria that will be applied for its execution will coincide with those of the rest of the airports in which Aena is carrying out soundproofing actions, as indicated by the organization.

In the Canary Islands, there are currently five plans in the surroundings of the Tenerife North-City of La Laguna, Tenerife South, La Palma, Gran Canaria and César Manrique-Lanzarote airports, representing the largest number in a single autonomous community.

This Wednesday, adds Aena, representatives of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO), the Government of the Canary Islands, municipalities of Arona, Granadilla de Abona and San Miguel de Abona and Aena have met to form the Coordination Group and give start of the planned actions.

The Plan will be carried out in those properties located inside the Acoustic Easement of the Tenerife South Airport and whose building license is prior to June 4, 2021, the date on which it was published by Royal Decree 364/2021.

Aena has already requested from the respective municipalities affected in the first level of the Plan the census of homes that could meet the conditions set for their inclusion.

Once this information has been collected, the Office for the Management of Acoustic Insulation Plans contacts the residents to inform them of their right to request improvements in the acoustic insulation of their homes and of the necessary procedures to do so.

Aena makes available to residents the financial and human resources necessary to carry out these actions, so that the cost of the same is fully assumed, the owners of the homes do not have to advance or assume any amount.

All those interested in obtaining more information can contact the Office for the Management of Acoustic Insulation Plans, through the telephone number 91 590 31 70 and / or their email address [email protected]

This action is part of “Aena’s commitment to sustainable development, contributing to the minimization of the effect produced by the aircraft operating at the Tenerife South Airport”.

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