The defected councilor in Santa Cruz de Tenerife skips the anti-COVID protocol after knowing that it is direct contact of a positive

Evelyn Alonso, the defected councilor in the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council, attended this Thursday, November 25, the Christmas lighting act in the city, an event attended by dozens of people and which was enlivened by performances with music in direct in the Plaza del Principe. Alonso, who was at all times very close to the mayor, José Manuel Bermúdez (Canary Coalition), is a close contact of at least one confirmed positive for COVID-19.

The defected councilor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife calls the mayor of La Palma `` the mayor of the palm tree capital, Santa Cruz de La Palma

The defected councilor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife calls the mayor of La Palma “ the mayor of the palm tree capital, Santa Cruz de La Palma

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She herself recognized it this Friday in the plenary session of the City Council, where she has been asked about this matter and where she has affirmed that she knew since yesterday morning that it was close contact of an infected person, specifically, a municipal technician who accompanied her in the trip made a few days ago to La Palma.

The second deputy mayor of the city assures that she is vaccinated, so, according to the COVID-19 early detection, surveillance and control strategy prepared by the Ministry of Health, it is not required to quarantine. But there is an exception: if the infected person is a case linked to an outbreak produced by the Beta (South African) and Gamma (Brazilian) variants, it is mandatory to isolate oneself.

That same protocol does clearly establish that mass events should be avoided, such as the lighting of lights on Thursday, something that Evelyn Alonso did not respect. The text literally says that you have to “maintain a safety distance of at least 1.5 meters, avoid going to events or places with many people as well as limit social contacts, avoid contact with vulnerable people such as the elderly or the sick, use always mask and wash hands frequently. ”

In addition, the councilor attended the plenary session of the City Council on Friday, which has annoyed opposition groups, who have asked the mayor about the issue. Bermúdez explained that it was the City Council’s Occupational Risks services that notified the councilor that it was close contact and that diagnostic tests should be carried out. The mayor has stated that these tests were negative. The councilor then took the floor and explained that she does not have to quarantine because they have the complete vaccination schedule and that she herself paid for diagnostic tests.

The PSOE councilor José Ángel Martín insisted that Alonso should not have attended the lighting or the plenary session and read before the attendees the protocol that indicates that mass events should not be attended, but then the mayor considered the matter settled and no further explanation was given.

In the video released by the Development Society of Santa Cruz de Tenerife about the Christmas lighting act in the capital, it is also seen that Evelyn Alonso did not respect the safety distance of at least 1.5 meters either with the mayor or with other councilors of the City Council.

Late in the municipal plenary session, and when a question within its competence was about to be addressed (the chaotic proliferation of scooters on the sidewalks of the city), Councilor Alonso came to speak at a short distance to the secretary of the plenary session. The PSOE spokeswoman, Patricia Hernández, then called his attention by reminding him that the senior official is a group at risk for illness, which completely discourages any type of contact with people suspected of having contracted the virus.

In the following video you can see the interventions of the plenary session this Friday:

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