Support from the Ordinary General Meeting to the management of the board of directors of the Circle of Friendship XII of January

The Circle of Friendship XII of January held in the afternoon-night of this past Monday Ordinary General Meeting in the Social Theater of the headquarters of Ruiz de Padrón street in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. After two hours of meeting, the support of the partners for the management of the Board of Directors chaired by Francisco Perera was evidenced, since the points submitted to the vote were unanimously approved.

The event began with the President’s request to observe half a minute of silence in memory of the recently deceased members, with a special memory to the manager Alfonso Rodríguez Álamo.

Within the fourth point, that of “Settlement of Income and Expense Budgets for the 2020/2021 fiscal year and reading the report of the Auditors of that fiscal year”, the President took the opportunity to clarify that COVID-19 affected the development of the life of society and that this led to the reduction of expenses and income, explaining in detail the causes of this.

This led Perera to specify that “the surplus we enjoy represents an opportunity to improve our Society without the need for spillovers. We have the lowest quota of all the companies, being able to offer the best facilities and the best activities ”, stressed Perera.

In the fifth point, the maintenance of the current quotas was approved. The sixth point, “Proposals and Manifestations of the President”, was used by Francisco Perera to point out that “our society has emerged strengthened from these times of crisis, being a model to follow.”

Likewise, the President informed that the restoration of the Antonio Torres murals that embellish the hall of the Ruiz de Padrón headquarters will be undertaken shortly since 70 years ago. He also informed the partners that the painter’s family has given their collection to Recreo, with which the Society has increased its patrimony.

Likewise, important improvements to the facilities were reported, such as the complete renovation of the cafeteria at the Ruiz de Padrón headquarters, as well as the construction of new paddle tennis courts at the Barranco Hondo Sports Club, in addition to updating the gyms, informs the company in a press release.

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