Affected by the Coastal Law, against the demolition of a score of houses in Güímar

The Canary Islands Platform for People Affected by the Coastal Law, chaired by the lawyer José Luis Langa González, will carry out different legal actions before the Administrative Litigation Court to prevent the more than twenty families who are threatened with demolition of their homes in El Callao beach, in Güímar (Tenerife), lose their houses.

This was indicated this Monday by the lawyer at a press conference, in which he also explained that the families affected by the Coastal Law “have suffered a double blow, first because at the beginning of this year the City Council evicted them assuring that they are going to do works that are never carried out and now because from Costas it threatens them with demolition “.

The Provincial Coastal Service of Tenerife sent on November 12, 2021 an execution order for the eviction and demolition of these homes, in which it is ensured that “this Provincial Coastal Service will proceed to the forced and subsidiary execution of the resolution of possessory recovery mentioned, by means of the demolition and removal of their remains with the restoration of the land to its original state “, for which they are given a period of ten days.

As Langa González explained, “we are faced with one more case of neglect of the Canarian reality by the state institutions, which proceed without taking into account the history of a people and the right that these people who have been living in them for years. houses and for which they have paid their taxes. ”

In fact, of the more than twenty houses affected, more than half are first residences, but “regardless of this, what is being attacked is private property and a right over some houses that existed long before the Coastal Law” , he indicated.

In any case, the platform has decided to meet with all the political groups with parliamentary representation in the Canary Islands and with the General Directorate of Coasts in Madrid, in addition to taking the issue to the European Parliament, since “this situation would stop if it were known that the Canary Islands lived and will always live by the sea. ”

The lawyer clarified that he is “almost certain” that the courts will agree “and these people, like many others previously, will be able to return to their homes without feeling threatened.”

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