CC-PNC, PP and Sí Podemos block the tender for the recycling plant of the Arico environmental complex

The CC-PNC group of the Cabildo de Tenerife has reached an agreement this Friday to suspend the tender for the recycling plant of the Tenerife Environmental Complex.

The nationalist councilor Blanca Pérez presented a motion in the plenary commission of the Natural Environment, Primary Sector and Municipal Cooperation that was supported by the Popular Party and Sí Podemos Canarias, who also made contributions to the text presented.

Blanca Pérez points out in a note that “it is necessary to paralyze this project because what the PSOE wants to do is burn the garbage.” For this reason, he has thanked the contributions of the Popular Party and Yes We Can Canarias “and their high-mindedness on an issue that is very delicate and in which the interests of Tenerife must be safeguarded.”

The reality, he said, “is that they want to burn the garbage by different processes (pyrolysis, gasification and plasma) instead of favoring reuse and recycling.”

The agreement reached, explains Pérez, contemplates “the suspension of the tender for the Drafting of the project, the execution of the works and the operation of a waste recovery facility, including recycling and other types of recovery – except energy recovery through incineration by oxidation – “which is in the period of submission of offers, due to the fact that it is committed to the energy recovery of waste that can be materially recovered (recycled or composted).

Similarly, the agreement includes “that it be agreed that the Waste Management Policies of the island of Tenerife do not consider energy recovery as an option for the treatment of waste with possibilities of material recovery”.

In the third point of the agreement approved by CC-PNC, Partido Popular and Si Podemos Canarias, “the immediate referral to its members of the documentation that will be dealt with in the urgent call of the Waste Management Monitoring Commission is requested, next November 23, to address the future of organic waste management on the island of Tenerife and the implementation of Composting Plants for its material recovery “.

The Cabildo denies the burning of waste

Just ten days ago, the president of the Cabildo de Tenerife, Pedro Martín, assured that “no burning” of rubbish will take place in said environmental complex.

Martín indicated that this “does not make sense” because the island government group (PSOE-Cs) “is against” the burning of waste and against continuing to bury garbage. “On the contrary”, he has said that it is necessary to look for alternatives and “to recycle in the first place” and later to turn the garbage into new products.

“We are on this path,” he said at the time, underlining that valuing garbage is an “opportunity” to create jobs and new companies.

The Tenerife president also stressed that it seems that “all this controversy” interests some companies “wanting to make noise” and political parties “that want to make disinformation a way to discredit the Cabildo.”

Martín stressed that in the project specifications “it is clear and resounding” that there will be no incineration and what the project is about is responding to the recycling model “of the 21st century” and also within the waste plan of the Government of the Canary Islands. .

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