The Civil Guard creates three cybercrime teams in Tenerife

The Santa Cruz de Tenerife Civil Guard Command has three cybercrime prevention and response teams, teams that are part of the Strategic Plan against Cybercrime, in order to guarantee the security and protection of the rights and freedoms of users in cyberspace, as reported by the Benemérita.

Until now, the Command had, on the one hand, a highly specialized team dedicated to the most serious crimes, the Telematic Crimes Team (EDITE), and on the other, the citizen security units in charge of the first response to this type of incident. criminal.

Now, with the creation of these teams, the response to cybercrime will be strengthened, in particular to scams on the Internet, thus becoming the first level of specific response to cybercrime. In this way, the territorial units that are oriented to the citizenry are supported, as well as the specific Judicial Police (EDITE) through the analysis of cybercrimes and thus trying to promote closeness with the victims and injured parties.

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