Santa Cruz de Tenerife sends to La Palma 30,000 euros of food destined for its most vulnerable neighbors

The government team of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council, made up of the Canary Coalition and the Popular Party, has promised to donate 30,000 euros to those affected by the La Palma volcano in the form of food cards. The municipal corporation will get this money from an agreement it has with HiperDino, signed to meet the basic needs of vulnerable people in the municipality. This has been confirmed by sources from the City Council to this newspaper: “The need was raised for the aid to materialize in an effective method to solve the problem of possible needs for food and other essential products, so the existence of an agreement with HiperDino to activate cards ”.

The aid offered by the government of José Manuel Bermúdez will be delivered in the form of 600 cards of 50 euros each to the municipalities affected by the lava: El Paso, Los Llanos de Aridane and Tazacorte. According to the mayor, this is a “very effective” action, since residents can exchange cards at HiperDino establishments, which will serve to “meet the food needs of the most vulnerable people and to reactivate the economy of La Palma ”. However, the PSOE has rejected in plenary session that this money is extracted from an agreement reserved for vulnerable people in the capital of Tenerife.

“That they say that someone has food needs for this help seems to me to be of tremendous moral baseness,” criticized the PP spokesman in the City Council, Carlos Tarife. The councilor of the PSOE Marta Arocha has clarified through social networks that the sending of cards is not reproached. “In fact, they seem few to us,” he said. “It is reproached that they have been taken from those who have the least. These cards have a very defined destination: the vulnerable people of the municipality. They could have taken the money from any other area ”.

The agreement with HiperDino states that these grants are intended for individuals with limited economic resources in order to address specific situations of need or emergency. ” Its purpose is to support those individuals and families who lack financial resources to meet essential needs related to food, hygiene, clothing […] avoiding the physical, psychological and social consequences that the lack of sufficient economic resources causes ”, describes the document to which he has accessed Canary Islands Now.

Sources of the capital corporation have defended this newspaper that this emergency donation “does not suppose any loss for the families that need it in Santa Cruz, who have their needs guaranteed by the IMAS.” “To date, more than 8 million euros have been invested in different aid, so the amount indicated in no case will affect the benefits that are delivered in the capital,” these sources add.

From the capital’s government team, they underline that this decision was made after a meeting that took place on October 1 between the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council and the municipalities most affected by the eruption to ask them “what their needs were.” and act accordingly. “At the same time, all the solidarity of the citizens and groups of the capital tried to lead through the food bank, to guarantee the necessary logistics”, they add.

According to sources from the government team, the affected municipalities not only asked for these food cards, but also human and material resources to help in the task of removing the ash from the volcano. “Workers and machinery from the company that manages the cleaning in the capital have been there since then helping with these tasks.”

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