A macro-bottle leaves the Parque de la Mesa Mota “made a mess” this weekend

Alcohol bottles, plastic bags and all kinds of waste was what the cleaning agents of the La Laguna City Council found this Sunday in the Mesa Mota park, after young and not so young people enjoyed a weekend bottle in the popular natural setting. “They have left everything a mess,” said the Councilor for the Environment, José Luis Hernández.

The Quadrilateral of La Laguna, decreed a risk zone for public health by macro-bottles

The Quadrilateral of La Laguna, decreed a risk zone for public health by macro-bottles

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The political representative points out to this newspaper that the situation that has been occurring in the park “worries” the La Laguna government team. However, he considers that it is more about specific parties, typical of these dates, organized by the faculties and, in the case of this weekend, to coincide with the San Diego Escape. Hernández does not relate these bottles with those reported in the Quadrilateral a few weeks ago and that put the residents of this area on a war footing. “There is no evidence that the events in Mesa Mota are related to the stoppage of the bottles in the Quadrilateral,” he wanted to point out.

In spite of everything, the councilor warned that, if similar events are repeated this weekend, “particular measures will be taken” in the park, so that vandalism does not occur again in a space that aspires to become a park peri-urban. “We are not going to allow this area to be destroyed after the actions taken and the investments made so far for its reforestation,” he concluded.

For its part, the Independent Trade Union Association of Local Police of the Canary Islands (ASIPAL-CSL La Laguna), which has denounced the insecurity and destruction generated this Saturday in this area of ​​the municipality, criticized “the passivity” of the mayor of La Laguna, Luis Yeray Gutiérrez, and the Councilor for Citizen Security, Alejandro Marrero, in light of these events. As the union points out, on that day there was only one police force made up of two police officers during the day and “none at night.”

In this regard, the Councilor for the Environment pointed out that both this and all previous weekends were carried out “the usual rounds by the security forces.”

It should be remembered that the mayor announced on October 21, after a coordination meeting to end the macrobottles in the ring, that the Government of the Canary Islands had decided to decree this area as “risk to public health”, a legal tool that would facilitate the work of the Local and National Police. “From now on, the agents will be able to requisition everything from alcoholic substances to sound devices,” he said at the press conference after the meeting. The objective was to finally put an end to the noise and crowds that keep the local residents in suspense.

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