Sí Podemos Canarias asks to shield the Teno-Rasca Special Conservation Zone to avoid the port of Fonsalía

The insular councilor Ruth Acosta, from Sí Podemos Canarias in the Cabildo de Tenerife, has announced that her political group will present a motion to the next Plenary Commission of the Natural Environment of the Corporation to “urge the regional and state governments to expand and complete the delimitation of the Teno-Rasca marine strip, declared since 2011 as a Special Conservation Zone (ZEC), and which currently contains a small window that is outside said protection, which corresponds to the space contemplated for the alleged project of the unnecessary port of Fonsalía ”.

A fourth commercial port in Tenerife threatens Europe's only whale sanctuary

A fourth commercial port in Tenerife threatens Europe’s only whale sanctuary

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Acosta has indicated that the figure of the ZEC “is contained in the Natura 2000 Network, whose purpose is to ensure the long-term survival of the most threatened species and natural habitats in Europe, helping to stop the loss of biodiversity caused by the impact adverse of human activities ”. However, the counselor has declared that the window that is currently excluded from this conservation tool, located next to the town of Alcalá, “prevents the real and effective protection of the habitats, species and environmental values ​​of this place from being ensured. unique in our land, which collides head-on with the purpose of the ZEC zone itself ”.

The counselor of Sí Podemos Canarias has highlighted that this window of lack of protection “responds to an evident and intentional interest in allowing the alleged construction of a macro-infrastructure such as the Fonsalía dock to be carried out in that place, with the great threat that this would mean for the destruction of the marine ecosystems of the area ”. Acosta has detailed that, with this proposal, his party wants “that unprotected window to be included under the protection of custody that the ZEC guarantees, thus having a fundamental legal defense tool that allows another step towards the desired final slam of this unnecessary work ”.

Ruth Acosta describes as “scandalous and incomprehensible” the fact that the Teno-Rasca marine strip “comprises an area of ​​69,489.68 hectares that bathes the coastline of the municipalities of Buenavista del Norte, Santiago del Teide, Guía de Isora, Adeje and Arona, under which natural values ​​such as submerged sandbanks, reefs, underwater caves, and animal species such as turtles or cetaceans are protected; but surprisingly, it excludes the aforementioned space, which is also located right in the middle of the ZEC zone ”.

In addition, he highlighted that this enclave “presents other specific categories of protection, since it is declared the First Heritage Site of Whales in Europe; and it is recognized as kilometer 0 of the World Biological Corridor, an international project that defines an ecological belt around the planet and encompasses the world’s geological heritage, flora and fauna ”. Likewise, the island councilor recalled that “during this term, the Cabildo of Tenerife has also promoted the creation of the Teno-Rasca Marine Reserve of Fishing Interest, which also affects the site.”

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