The Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council gives 24 hours to the families camped for a decent home to vacate the Plaza de La Candelaria

The City Council of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has made a request this Wednesday for the Camping for the Right to a Decent Housing to withdraw from the Plaza de La Candelaria, within 24 hours. The protest, active for more than 120 days, has the participation of people who have nowhere to live and families threatened with eviction in different municipalities on the island.

On the street and with a child in a wheelchair, when you do not have a decent home in the Canary Islands

On the street and with a child in a wheelchair, when you do not have a decent home in the Canary Islands

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The consistory argued this eviction due to an alleged “impossibility of the normal procedure of the cleaning services in the area of ​​the booths”, points out in a statement United We Can, which rejects the measure considering that it violates the right to freedom of expression of the that are manifested there. “Obviously, it is a crude pretext to trample on constitutional rights,” they criticize.

Ramón Trujillo, spokesman for this party in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, points out that the right to freedom of expression is linked to the right to assembly and that both support the protest camp that is currently taking place in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. “Such rights would be violated if the municipal authorities were in charge of temporarily delimiting the maximum duration of the camping,” he says.

The United We can politician recalls that public space is also “a space for participation and that constitutional rights cannot be subject to the arbitrariness of local authorities.” In this sense, he does not understand the reasons given by the City Council since “no exceptional level of dirt has been proven, nor has anything in this regard been raised by the council in more than 120 days.”

Trujillo asks the mayor to immediately annul the order to evict the Plaza de la Candelaria and “respect the constitutional rights of those who are camped there.”

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