Arrested in Tenerife for selling fake products valued at 2 million euros

Agents of the National Police have arrested in Santa Cruz de Tenerife a 42-year-old Chinese citizen, administrator of several companies, who imported fake products from China for sale in the establishments he ran.

The investigation by the National Police began after learning, through the judicial authority, of the possible existence of an establishment in the capital of Tenerife that traded in counterfeit products on a significant scale.

The national police, during the investigation, determined that there were more than 123,000 counterfeit products in said store, which lacked the labeling and other characteristics of original products.

They were, mainly, toys, textiles and perfumes that appeared to be products of important brands. The articles, in the market, would reach a value close to 2 million euros, as indicated by the Police.

The agents arrested this person as the alleged perpetrator of a crime against industrial property that they had investigated.

This individual took certain security measures since, if he suspected that he was being investigated for his activities, he would stop them to try to avoid the consequences that could be derived for him and his assets.

The actions have been carried out by national police officers of the Provincial Brigade of the Judicial Police of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

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