Mercadona opens a new supermarket in La Laguna with a ready-to-go food section

Mercadona inaugurates this Monday a new efficient supermarket in San Cristóbal de La Laguna, specifically at number 37 of Avenida Lucas Vega (the old bus garage) after an investment of more than nine million euros and the participation of 51 suppliers who have employed 323 people during the construction phase, as explained by the company. The construction of this supermarket has also involved the complete rehabilitation of the main building, which is protected.

This opening means the closure of the supermarket that the company had on Avenida de La Candelaria, in the same municipality. Mercadona has reported that, in addition to guaranteeing the workforce of the previous store, the new surface has generated four new additional quality jobs, up to 43 workers and opens with Mercadona’s New Efficient Store Model. This, the company explains, “reinforces excellence in service and optimizes the act of purchasing for its customers, presents improvements from which both customers, workers, suppliers and society benefit”, he says.

For this, Mercadona explains that it has news in all its sections. For example, it has a new delicatessen with sliced ​​and packed ham, a central gondola in the perfumery for specialized cosmetics, a freshly squeezed orange juice service, sushi specialties, a new oven section with bread slicer and pastry refrigerated or a new display in the fishmonger for shell products.

Likewise, this store, which has two heights, incorporates the new section Ready to eat, which has a total of 35 different dishes. All these options are served in containers made with natural materials, such as sugar cane (compostable material), cardboard or paper. The company has arranged a rest area in the same supermarket with tables and chairs where customers can consume the freshly prepared dish and accompany it with cold drinks. There are already 15 supermarkets in the province that have this section, adds Mercadona.

In addition, this supermarket has, among other improvements, a new entrance with double glazing that prevents drafts, wider aisles and a new model of shopping cart and a new model of basket-type cart that is much more ergonomic and lighter.

This new generation of efficient supermarket has a sales room area of ​​1,900 square meters and has a completely renovated design compared to the previous store model with new colors and materials, both in the exterior facade of access to the supermarket and in the distribution. of the different sections. Likewise, it is committed to large open spaces that facilitate the entry of natural light and warm colors in the delimitation of the different environments.

Energy saving: eco-efficient store

According to Mercadona, measures have been taken to reduce energy consumption by up to 40% compared to the conventional store model, due to the improvement of thermal and acoustic insulation, optimizing the materials and the thickness of the walls and ceilings and with new storage chests. more energy efficient and environmentally friendly frozen foods. In addition, it has an automated LED lighting system that is regulated according to zones and times of the day, for much more efficient energy management.

The opening hours of this supermarket are from Monday to Saturday, from 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., and it has a 146-space car park to facilitate the act of shopping for all customers who travel by private vehicle, five of them they, with a charging point for electric vehicles.

With this new opening, “Mercadona customers will benefit from its well-known SPB (Always Low Prices) commercial policy, which the company uses exclusively and which consists of guaranteeing the lowest unit price of products, with the best quality, of permanently, “explains the company. Thus, Mercadona can offer its customers, “regardless of who manufactures the product, an efficient assortment with the highest quality and at the lowest possible price”.

At the end of 2020, Mercadona invested more than 1,100 million euros both for the reform and opening of new supermarkets with this new Store Model.

Technology and Ergonomics for Mercadona workers

Additionally, with the aim of facilitating the daily tasks of the workers, this new supermarket includes multiple measures to improve ergonomics and eliminate overexertion. For example, the new cash register has been developed in collaboration with the Valencia Institute of Biomechanics. The store also has common areas for employees to enjoy greater comfort in their moments of rest, as well as a more equipped dining room and more spacious and comfortable personal lockers.

Furthermore, this New Efficient Mercadona Store is completely technologically connected, by integrating a series of electronic devices and collaborative tools for workers, with which they can share information from any section of the store; which facilitates the self-management of each supermarket and streamlines the processes of the entire chain. Among the new devices are, among others, the checkout line, scales or the use of electronic tablets that replace paper to carry out administrative procedures. All of this allows processes to be optimized and to know the store’s management in real time, which facilitates decision-making and contributes to greater agility, especially in the management of fresh products.

Mercadona in the Canary Islands

Mercadona has 85 supermarkets and two logistics blocks in the Canary Islands with a staff of 4,637 people with stable and quality employment. In addition, in the last three years it has invested more than 153.5 million euros, mainly destined to the growth and modernization of its network of stores.

Likewise, the company maintains a social commitment with the residents of the areas in which it has a presence and activity, and in the case of the Canary Islands last year it donated 780 tons of food to soup kitchens and charities on the Islands.

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