La Laguna extends the registration period for establishments to participate in the Trade Bonus

The Local Government Board of the City Council of La Laguna has approved today to extend the registration period for self-employed people, SMEs and micro-enterprises of the municipality interested in participating in the Trade Bonus by another five business days (until November 4), so that no one is left out of this initiative of the Department of Commerce, led by María José Roca, which has a grant of 800,000 euros and with the collaboration of the Federation of Urban Areas of the Canary Islands (FAUCA). To reach all possible beneficiaries of this initiative, the City Council, together with the associations, has reinforced the communication campaign of the call, also with a public address system and door-to-door information.

The Commerce Area will subsidize 50% of each of the bonds that will soon be put on sale to the public. In total, this initiative will mean final sales revenue for the sector of up to 1.6 million euros. María José Roca recalls that “the La Laguna Trade Bonus wants to contribute to give a new impetus to the sector in the process of recovering from the impact of the pandemic, a strategy of proven effectiveness as an incentive to local consumption and that, in the case of La Laguna will cover everything from commerce and restaurants, to services such as hairdressers and tourist accommodation anywhere in the municipality ”.

The program is developed through digital vouchers, each valued at 30 euros, so that consumers who purchase them will pay only 15 euros, that is, half of the final cost of their consumption, which can be used in different establishments adhered to the program until all its value is exhausted.

In fact, the La Laguna Trade Bonus presents the novelty that it works like a digital wallet, since customers will not have to spend all of it on a single purchase or a single establishment. In addition, the vouchers will be accumulative at the time of purchase and will be compatible with possible discounts offered by the establishments.

Once the registration period ends, the list of participating businesses will be published and a promotional campaign will be carried out for consumers to acquire and use the vouchers, redeeming them in their purchases at participating companies. The establishments that want to participate must complete the registration form enabled on the web and provide the documentation required by the platform.

This program has, in addition to the support of FAUCA, the support of the General Directorate of Commerce and Consumption of the Government of the Canary Islands and the online platform Consume Canarias, promoted by the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce of the Government of the Canary Islands.

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