The Quadrilateral of La Laguna, decreed a risk zone for public health by macro-bottles

The mayor of La Laguna, Luis Yeray Gutiérrez, announced this Thursday, October 21, after the coordination meeting to end the macrobottles in the Quadrilateral area, that the Government of the Canary Islands has decided to decree this environment as a “risk zone for public health”, a legal tool that will facilitate the work of the Local and National Police. “From now on, the agents will be able to requisition everything from alcoholic substances to sound devices,” he said at the press conference after the meeting. The aim is to finally put an end to the noise and crowds that keep the local residents in suspense.

A councilor of the PP accuses in social networks "boys who are not from here" of the fights and bottles of the weekend in La Laguna

A councilor of the PP accuses in social networks to “boys who are not from here” of the fights and bottles of the weekend in La Laguna

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The new operation will be launched this weekend, from 8:00 p.m., and will limit access to the surrounding lagoon streets and adjacent to the Quadrilateral. “Limits will be placed on access with a series of filters, the police presence will also be reinforced in the place and in other areas where more previous bottles have been detected, and coordination between the security forces will also be improved,” Gutiérrez explained.

Thus, the mayor of the City of the Adelantado appealed to the parents of minors to collaborate: “We have detected young people between 15 and 16 years old in an advanced state of intoxication, we need their collaboration to stop these events “.

An unsustainable situation

The residents of the Quadrilateral cannot take it anymore. The last big bottles in this popular area of ​​bars and university parties have ended with real pitched battles and multiple destruction. The cars wake up without mirrors, the streets smell of urine and the noises do not let anyone sleep from Thursday to Sunday.

This situation is so untenable that they have started the campaign Stop bottle, a collection of virtual signatures, through, which already adds up to 845 rubrics. Neighbors complain about the “inaction” of the police officers and the “permissiveness” of the La Laguna City Council.

The initiative explains that “multitudes of people are gathering in the Plaza del Cuadrilátero, with a high percentage of minors, consuming alcohol and drugs, which often ends in mass fights, continuous threats to neighbors who cannot access to their homes, vandalism and dirt “.

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