A councilor of the PP accuses in social networks to “boys who are not from here” of the fights and bottles of the weekend in La Laguna

“I shouldn’t have an opinion, given my current occupation, but as a father of teenagers I am very concerned about what is happening in La Laguna.” Thus began a tweet published by the Councilor for Community Welfare, Public Services and Health of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Guillermo Díaz Guerra, from the Popular Party, in response to a viral video in which massive fights and large bottles were seen in the so-called Quadrilateral of The lagoon. However, after that beginning, came the controversial part of his comment: “We are on the verge of something very serious happening. There are some boys who are not from here, who behave as they did there. And ours suffer it”, wrote.

The PP candidate for Mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, on Twitter: "An immigrant or a Gran Canaria cannot have the same rights as a chicharrero"

The PP candidate for Mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, on Twitter: “An immigrant or a Gran Canaria can not have the same rights as a chicharrero”

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The City Council of La Laguna has confirmed to this newspaper that of all those identified by the Local Police during the events of the weekend, only one is of Maghreb origin.

The tweet has taken little time to garner numerous reactions that indicate that it is, to say the least, xenophobic and racist. Some users have not hesitated to propose Díaz Guerra for the Tolete awards, while others have recalled other controversies involving this mayor, who on previous occasions has preferred to delete the message in question (which in this case, at 5:00 p.m. on Monday , you haven’t done yet).

Sources consulted by this newspaper confirm that there are already several organizations related to the care of migrants that are even considering filing a complaint against the also former subdelegate of the Government in the Canary Islands.

Reinforcement of surveillance and early closure of parks

The truth is that in the last hours there are several videos that circulate on social networks in which dozens of young people can be seen participating in fights, throwing bottles and bottles in that central area of ​​the city, located very close to the Central Campus from the University of La Laguna and which was the epicenter of nightlife in the city years ago.

The Lagunero mayor, Luis Yeray Gutiérrez, has confirmed to this newspaper that the City Council is “very aware of this problem, which has been increasing in recent weekends and that it is not an easy solution.” Gutiérrez assures that this weekend he was in contact with the Government subdelegate, Javier Plata, to convey to him the need to increase the police presence in the area and have a greater number of troops. “We both agree that we must use all possible means and do what is in our power to deal with this situation, which is not exclusive to La Laguna,” he explained.

In addition, he has advanced that next Thursday a new coordination meeting will be held with the Government sub-delegation, in which the City Council has also requested the presence of the Government of the Canary Islands as well as the Cabildo of Tenerife, through the Metropolitan company of Tenerife , since, affirms the Lagunero mayor, it has been verified that there are “an important number of young people who come by tram to our municipality consuming alcohol”. For this reason, the City Council asks that the tram security agents “do preventive work, requisitioning the alcohol consumed in the wagons.” For its part, the Consistory will advance in the closure of public parks in which it has been detected that they are used from early afternoon for alcohol consumption, he adds.

“This situation is not going to be solved from one day to the next, but it is necessary to work together between all the administrations,” he insists. In addition, he has invited families to make a reflection, since, he adds, the presence of “many minors in a state of intoxication” has been verified, which is “a social problem that goes beyond the municipal scope”.

Luis Yeray Gutiérrez explained that the City Council is “very clear” that all youth cannot be stigmatized, that they have every right to enjoy their leisure, but “we condemn the attitude of small groups that take refuge in the crowd to commit acts of vandalism and violence, something that has no place in La Laguna. ”

The City Council denies a hoax about several violations

As for several hoaxes that circulate on social networks stating that there have been several violations during the weekend in the municipality, the Lagunero City Council clarifies that it is a hoax. He also points out that among those identified over the weekend, only one is from the Maghreb, a “necessary” clarification given the clearly xenophobic statements made by some users on the network.

Other controversies of Díaz Guerra

The PP spokesman in the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council is better known for the controversies he has starred in than for his achievements politicians, among which it is worth highlighting his participation in the motion of censure promoted by José Manuel Bermúdez (Canary Coalition) with the defector Evelyn Alonso to expel the PSOE from the City Council and return the Mayor’s Office to the nationalists.

It was then when, a few days before the motion was voted in the City Council, he was recorded stating that what he likes is “to be in an office with four executives making decisions”, not “to be on the street doing certain things.” In the audio, Díaz Guerra makes it clear that he deplores municipal politics and that Canary Coalition “never” liked: “It seems to me that they are a group of interests, which are also linked to lifelong business interests and social interests in Tenerife. And, above all, as managers they are bad,” he said of his future government partners in the capital.

Once the motion was perpetrated and he became First Deputy Mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Díaz Guerra took over the Community Welfare area. There he became the mayor who proposed exterminate the city’s cat colonies, some statements for which he had to apologize later.

Díaz Guerra also hinted that he would take “drastic measures” in the face of the health problem shown by dozens of trees in the Tenerife capital, which included resorting to logging, something that was denounced by the PSOE.

The last of their controversies occurred about a month ago, when in a tweet Díaz Guerra exposed what his contribution was to end the problem of homelessness in the capital of Tenerife: remove the public banks located in front of the Nuestra Señora de África Market. The tweet was deleted later, when it began, as now, to garner numerous reactions against it.

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