The works of the Padre Anchieta pedestrian walkway, in La Laguna, start in November

With a budget of 8.8 million euros, the works for the construction of the pedestrian walkway at the Padre Anchieta junction will start within a month, after the award of the works to the company Obras Huarte Lain SA The president of the Cabildo de Tenerife, Pedro Martín, highlights that “these works will contribute to decongesting one of the busiest traffic points around the TF-5, such as the entrance to La Laguna, and are in addition to those already being carried out on the TF- 24 and that will allow to lighten the flow of vehicles that are incorporated from the highway of La Esperanza ”.

Approved the project of the pedestrian walkway in Padre Anchieta, in La Laguna

Approved the project of the pedestrian walkway in Padre Anchieta, in La Laguna

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The first vice president and counselor for Roads, Enrique Arriaga, recalls that “it is a strategic infrastructure for the island’s mobility” and that “the forecast points to its completion in 17 months.” In addition, he points out that “the flyover will give agility to this important connection with the North Highway and the main entrance to La Laguna, since it will avoid the constant stop at the roundabout by giving an alternative passage to pedestrians.”

The project to be executed is a continuous curved ring-shaped beam of approximately 100 meters in diameter, supported by a system of specific supports, with a square attached to the current car park of the Faculty of Biology of the University of La Laguna, and a total length of the ring of about 314 meters. This project has been awarded the 2019 National Innovation and Design Awards, awarded by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.

The insular councilor indicates that “the Cabildo has planned three major works in this legislature to end the serious problem of mobility in Tenerife, which are the burying of the TF-24 in its connection with the highway, the construction of the Padre Anchieta and the launch of the third lane of the TF-5 towards Santa Cruz. Work is already underway on the TF-24, as of November work on the footbridge will begin and we hope that next year we will be able to begin the expansion of the North highway ”.

Arriaga details that the catwalk will affect the budgets with a multi-year expenditure that will take place between 2021 and 2023 and adds that “the Corporation is committed to improving the quality of life of citizens, and reducing the time they lose behind the wheel will contribute to this” .

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