Arrested for the robbery at gunpoint of a high-end car that later burned

The Civil Guard has arrested four people for the robbery with intimidation, using a firearm, of a high-end vehicle in Llano del Camello, in San Miguel de Abona, and its subsequent intentional burning in the area of ​​the Cañadas de El Teide. The investigation began in mid-January when unknown perpetrators stole a BMW vehicle in the aforementioned town using a firearm.

Two days later, Civil Guard patrols were alerted to go to the fire of a vehicle in the Cañadas area, but given the voracity of the flames, nothing could be done to prevent calcination. The investigators detected that the people who caused the fire were two women and a man, who fled the scene in another vehicle and it was found that the burned vehicle and the one stolen two days earlier were the same.

Thus, after multiple procedures carried out on the suspects, clear evidence of their involvement in the crimes was obtained.

In the first phase of Operation Beemeuve, at the beginning of May, a woman was arrested who bought gasoline at a service station in the south of the island to take it to the Las Cañadas area, where a man and another woman, after spraying gasoline on the car, set it on fire.

The second phase took place at the end of July, when one of the perpetrators of the robbery with firearm intimidation of the vehicle was arrested; the third phase took place at the beginning of August with the capture of a woman who participated in the calcination and the fourth phase, also in August, ended with the arrest of a man, the author of the robbery with intimidation with a firearm from the vehicle and material author of the calcination. The detainees, two men and two women, are charged with the alleged perpetrators of robbery with intimidation and damage.

This investigation, framed in the so-called Operation Beemeuve, has been developed by the Territorial Team of the Judicial Police of the Civil Guard of Playa de las Américas, belonging to the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police of the Civil Guard of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and directed by the Court of First Instance and Instruction Number 2 of Granadilla de Abona.

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