Two people rescued when falling with their quad through a ravine in Tenerife

Firefighters from the San Miguel de Abona Park and volunteers from Santiago del Teide and Adeje have rescued two people who had fallen into a ravine while driving an ATV along a forest track in the Cascajo Mountain, in Santiago del Teide.

The woman had minor injuries and the man had to be evacuated in the GES helicopter to the Adeje heli-surface, for his immediate transfer to the hospital, reports Tenerife Firefighters in a note.

On the other hand, members of the San Miguel de Abona Park attended yesterday, at 3:57 p.m., a traffic accident on the TF-1 (southbound). The car had overturned on its roof and the victim was outside being treated by a doctor who was circulating in the area.

The firefighters placed a cervical collar on her and she was evacuated on a spinal board to the ambulance, where she was treated by the SUC health workers.

The firefighters then moved the vehicle to regain the normal rhythm of circulation.

Similarly, firefighters from La Orotava Park attended another traffic accident, this time on the TF-5 (northbound), due to the collision between a passenger car and a truck. After the impact, the doors of the tourism were blocked and the injured person could not leave by their own means.

The firefighters proceeded to extract her by removing the rear door, and after being placed on a stretcher, the woman was treated by SUC health workers.

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