Six people arrested at Tenerife Sur Airport, one of them with an international extradition order

Agents of the National Police have detained six people during the last week at the Tenerife Sur Airport border control for different reasons, as reported by the Higher Police Headquarters of the Canary Islands.

One of the detainees is a 34-year-old Romanian citizen who intended to travel to London and who had an international order in force for his arrest and extradition to Moldova to serve more than six years in prison after being convicted of a crime of counterfeiting currency. .

Four young people (three men and one woman) were arrested when they tried to travel to the United Kingdom with travel documents that, after inspection by the agents, turned out to be false. The detainees, of Albanian nationality, had false passports from different northern European countries such as Croatia or Lithuania seized.

Finally, a 41-year-old British citizen was arrested by virtue of a judicial arrest warrant issued by an investigating court in the town of Arona.

In external border controls, the National Police uses advanced technical means to, on the one hand, streamline these controls and guarantee their security and, on the other, check travel documents in the different national, European and international databases, to guarantee its veracity and authenticity. The actions have been carried out by national police officers from the Border Post of the National Police at the Reina Sofia airport.

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