Protecting the mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and the defected councilor costs more than 41,300 euros per month

During the first six months of 2021, protecting the mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, José Manuel Bermúdez, and the defected councilor Evelyn Alonso, second deputy mayor of the Corporation has cost the municipal coffers 248,153.58 euros, according to official information. This means that each month the consistory employs 41,358.93 euros on average for these two people alone, which are used to pay supplements to the six Local Police officers chosen for this task.

The first defector of Ciudadanos is in Tenerife and governs with the Canary Coalition and the PP

The first defector of Ciudadanos is in Tenerife and governs with the Canary Coalition and the PP

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The amount was released this Friday in a written response signed by the Councilor for Human Resources, Purificación Dávila Carreira, to questions from the PSOE councilor, in opposition Florentino Guzmán, responsible for Security until mid-2020, when a motion of censure returned power to the Canary Coalition thanks to the support of Councilor Evelyn Alonso, who disregarded the orders of the party with which he attended the 2019 municipal elections, which has plunged her in a long process of expulsion that he is already on his second attempt after the first was annulled by a court.

They were precisely messages of insults and threats to Evelyn Alonso published by three people on social networks which allowed to justify that the Local Police of Santa Cruz de Tenerife activated an escort service specially designed for the councilor, who is precisely now responsible for Safety and Mobility, in addition to Economic Promotion and Environment . To explain this to the opposition, the government group argued that reports had been made advising that protection once the insulting and threatening messages sent by several people were reported to the courts. Three of them have been under investigation since March of this year after the investigating judge initially filed the case and reopened it at the request of the prosecution and the prosecution when police reports appeared on which to rely.

Although initially the unions present in the Local Police came to calculate the annual cost of these escorts in about 70,000 euros a year, The truth is that the official data offered by the government group suggests that this cost could be close to half a million euros, if the second half of 2021 maintains the same level of expenses as the first.

The CSIF union criticized from the first moment the lack of negotiation in the reorganization to which the Local Police had to submit to enable this escort service and that “certain agents were chosen over the rest for this function”, since “there has been no selective procedure whatsoever regarding the new job within the Local Police of Santa Cruz.” “At no time has the unions justified the reason for singling out and creating these positions, far beyond what we understand, to approve what they please at the expense of the public purse,” the lawyer for the local sector of the CSIF told this newspaper. , Christ Llurda.

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