The Tenerife tram, nominated for the most prestigious awards in the railway industry

The first vice president of the Cabildo de Tenerife, Enrique Arriaga, announced this Thursday the nomination of Metrotenerife, the island’s tram operator, to four categories of the ‘Global Light Rail’ awards, the most prestigious awards in the railway industry.

In this 2021 edition, Metrotenerife participates with its own design and patent product, Removable throat rail insulator jacket.

Enrique Arriaga, also president of Metrotenerife, has confirmed that the Cabildo company will compete in the sections Best Environmental and Sustainability Initiative, Technical Innovation of the Year, Project of the Year and Exceptional Engineering Achievement, which is a total recognition of the capacity for creation and innovation that has always characterized it.

On October 6, the awards ceremony will be held, which, as every year, takes place in London and which brings together the main constructors, suppliers and railway operators from around the world.

The experience that Metrotenerife has acquired throughout these 20 years of service has allowed it to develop a removable insulating jacket system for throat rail.

In addition, this product has the value of environmental sustainability as it is manufactured based on a conglomerate of resin and recycled rubber from tires.

The insular director of Mobility, José Alberto León, explained that the device offers electrical and acoustic insulation that, due to its performance, enables the replacement of the lane in a short time and without the need to carry out demolition works and replacement of track linings. .

In fact, in practice it has given excellent results, as in the recent rail renovation work carried out on the Tenerife tram platform, where this device has been installed.

The tram operator on the island has already been awarded in previous editions by the ‘Global Light Rail Awards’.

In 2017 it already obtained the second prize in the category of ‘Significant safety innovation’ for its Simove product (On-Board Speed ​​Monitoring System).

The following year, the Ten + VAO application was awarded in the Best Environmental and Sustainability Initiative and Vision of the Year categories.

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