The Cabildo will help with basic and health assistance to emigrants from Tenerife in Venezuela

The Cabildo de Tenerife, through the delegated area of ​​Foreign Action, whose advisor is Liskel Álvarez, has launched a subsidy line through which emigrants from the island in Venezuela, mostly of advanced age, will receive surgical medical care and support in basic food needs. This line of aid will allocate 127,512 euros for this purpose.

The island councilor recalls the close historical ties between Venezuela and the Canary Islands and stresses that “Tenerife is an island of solidarity”, so these aid, in addition to fulfilling humanitarian purposes, reflect “our obligation as a society not to forget that in some At the moment we need people who emigrated and now they need us ”.

“Through the Fundación España Salud we will be able to offer primary, outpatient and specialized care, and even surgery to emigrants from Tenerife in Venezuela”, indicates CEO Liskel Álvarez.

In the same way, “a prepayment system will be enabled through which these families will be able to make purchases in food establishments, given that these are people who do not receive sufficient income to cover their basic needs,” says the counselor.

“These are mostly elderly people who are going through difficult times in Venezuela; in this way, they will be able to access essential services that will improve, as far as possible, their quality of life, ”says Liskel Álvarez.

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