Complaint that she will be evicted this Thursday along with her youngest son despite legally occupying a home in the south of Tenerife

A woman has denounced that this Thursday she will be evicted from the house where she lives in Adeje, in Tenerife, despite the fact that, she says, the Government of the Canary Islands has credited her that she does not illegally occupy the official protection house and that is up to date on rent payments.

Sources from the Canarian Housing Institute (ICAVI) have informed Efe that the Government is providing help to this neighbor since, indeed, it is right in its complaint, which is why this Tuesday the request for the suspension of the eviction.

According to a statement from the Arguayoda-Las Acacias neighborhood association, a Granadilla court considers this woman, who resides in the house with a 12-year-old son, is occupied by, according to the victim, a confusion in the documentation about the property.

The neighborhood association recalls that it is one of the 66 officially protected homes and whose winners have denounced that the houses have ended up in the hands of other people who claim to be the new owners after being sold on several occasions.

A few months ago, the neighbors carried out several mobilizations and the ICAVI opened a sanctioning file against the company that built the houses for failing to comply with the 2009-2019 housing plan that was accepted to obtain a subsidy in exchange for declaring the 66 homes in Las Acacias as official protection and private promotion.

This plan stipulates that the sale or transfer of this type of housing, even if it is privately developed, must have the prior authorization of the Government of the Canary Islands, an authorization that has never been granted, as reported by ICAVI at the time.

In addition, the Ministry of Public Works, Transportation and Housing did not rule out the filing of a civil lawsuit to declare the nullity of all the sales to which these houses have been subjected.

The neighborhood association indicates that despite official support, the residents of these homes, grouped around the Montaña Clara Platform, continue to face eviction proceedings.

This woman has already suffered an eviction attempt in 2019, for usurpation of her home, and, according to the association’s note, at that time she won the trial for what she does not understand “this judicial ordeal when it is already public and notorious that we are the victims of all these irregularities. ”

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