The mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife asks that the island be lowered to alert level 2 even though it does not meet the epidemiological criteria

The mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, José Manuel Bermúdez (Canary Coalition), has demanded this Tuesday the Government of the Canary Islands that the island lower this week to alert level 2 for COVID-19, a request that is not new, since the The nationalist leader has already approached the regional executive on previous occasions to make this type of request. One of the most notorious was just at the beginning of the fifth wave of the pandemic in the Canary Islands, when it asked Tenerife to lower its alert to level 1 and said that it did not understand why the island was still at level 2. A few weeks later, already in July and with the infections fired on the island, he stated that “lower restrictions ” [refiriéndose al fin del estado de alarma] it had been a “big mistake”, something that would happen “to the history books”. Something similar happened regarding the use of masks. Bermúdez publicly requested that it be authorized not to take them in Tenerife. “It does not seem logical, it does not make sense if there is distance,” he said then, and only for a few days criticized that the Pedro Sánchez government softened the mandatory nature of its use.

The mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, who requested that the island be lowered to level 1 in June, "blunder" relax measures without having 50% of the population immunized

The mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, who asked to lower the island to level 1 in June, calls it a “blunder” to relax measures without having 50% of the population immunized

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According to the latest updated report from the Ministry of Health, in Tenerife there are 2,056 active cases, after scoring 38 on Sunday. The cumulative incidence at 14 days is 76.67 cases, and at 7 days, 32.41, and the occupancy level of the ICUs by COVID-19 patients is 17.46%, that is, high risk level. Although the improvement is considerable, certain parameters have to be met, as has been the case for many months, and thus, while that indicator is in red, the island will not meet the requirements to go down to level 2. In addition, as The Canarian Government has repeatedly recalled, even if this indicator were lowered to the average level, it would be necessary to wait about two weeks for this improvement to stabilize before lowering the level.

Despite the fact that the criteria is the same since the alert levels began to be applied, Bermúdez maintains that “epidemiological data, in very positive progression” indicate that it can be lowered to level 2, and adds that a reduction in restrictions ” it would be a decision that would alleviate the burden that SMEs and the self-employed have been bearing for months “. As it did in May, it argues with economic criteria a decision that is made with sanitary criteria and that, for now, Tenerife does not comply with.

The councilor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife demands from the Government of the Canary Islands “clear and accurate decisions”, such as those that, in his opinion, have been adopted by the local government that he presides, “to accompany the families and the self-employed of the islands on the path of the Recovery.

It refers specifically to the “historic tax reduction” announced this Monday, which will exempt SMEs and the self-employed from the garbage tax and will reduce this receipt to more than 90,000 families, according to the City Council.

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