Confirmed full attendance at the ULL in the 2021/22 academic year

The rector of the University of La Laguna, Rosa Aguilar, has issued this Monday, September 13, a resolution confirming the total presence for the academic year 2021/22, taking into account the good rate of vaccination of the Canarian population and following the general trend of the Spanish university system, manifested both by the CRUE and by the statements of those responsible for the Ministry of Universities, as well as by the provisions of other higher education institutions.

Thus, the Zero Scenario foreseen by the academic institution is activated, which indicates that teaching will be face-to-face, putting into effect the teaching guides prepared by the centers. In this context, the capacity of the classrooms, laboratories and seminars will be significantly increased to the point that they will, in general, be sufficient to house the students who regularly attend face-to-face sessions, the text says.

It is also indicated that the face-to-face activity will be organized, as far as possible, in stable groups. It is noted that in the master classes it is recommended to establish a fixed seat for each student, which allows a quick and effective action if a case or outbreak is detected in the center. The text specifies that the exams will be face-to-face, maintaining the distance required in each circumstance. Likewise, the external academic practices established by the collaborating entities will be operational and preventive measures are maintained in the practices in health institutions and the planning, control and registration of students in their internship destinations to facilitate tracking.

The holding of congresses, meetings, meetings, conferences and events will be carried out in accordance with current legislation, bearing in mind the recommendations of the health authorities. Given the knowledge that a person has signs of COVID-19 symptoms in a university center, the action procedure planned so far will be followed.

The instruction explicitly states that the teaching activity in this Zero Scenario must be aligned with the Student-Centered Teaching Model that the Governing Council of this university approved in March 2020. Ultimately, it is about taking advantage of the accumulated experience and the set of teaching resources and possibilities developed in the last two courses and put it at the service of a teaching and learning model richer in options. Continuous and formative evaluation will be prioritized, and the use of procedural tests (reports, essays, projects, resolved cases, etc.) that can be delivered both throughout the teaching-learning process and on the date of the call is also recommended. official.

During the 2021/22 academic year, and as long as the contrary is not indicated, the measures and protocols for the detection and management of cases will continue to be active, as advanced by the Ministry of Universities, with the indication that indoor crowds will be avoided and exteriors of the centers maintaining personal distance, avoiding prolonged stays in passageways or common spaces, respecting the indications given from the centers, such as differentiated entrances and exits, staggered schedules and signage and infographics, among others.

Therefore, hand hygiene protocols and the use of hydroalcoholic gel will continue to be applied at the entrance and exit of the university center, before and after each change of classroom or space and in the case of shared use of materials or objects. The use of the mask will be mandatory for all people who access the centers of the University of La Laguna, including open spaces. It will ensure, whenever possible, maximum natural, cross and permanent ventilation, with the opening of doors and windows.

Capacity control is maintained in common use spaces: rooms, changing rooms, lockers, toilets, libraries, administration and services, catering establishments, cafeterias, sports facilities, parking lots, among others. It is also noted that international exchanges will be carried out according to the recommendations and current legislation. And it is noted that people from environments where it is not possible to have vaccines will be scheduled vaccination upon arrival in coordination with the Canary Islands Health Service.

Finally, it is pointed out that personnel who have been declared especially sensitive to COVID-19 by the health surveillance area of ​​the Prevention Service of the University of La Laguna, should be evaluated again by this service, given the high vaccination rate at this time.

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