A man and a woman arrested for growing marijuana in Tenerife

The Local Police of Candelaria, in Tenerife, has arrested a man and a woman in the town of Araya for a crime against Public Health by having a marijuana crop, as reported by the police force.

Specifically, different types of marijuana have been seized in their planting phase, about twenty boxes of classified buds, as well as different utensils used for the care, maintenance and treatment of the different plantations, located in the annex of a house in which there were two greenhouses and a plant for the processing of the substance.

The agents began an investigation in August when in a control carried out in Araya, a vehicle fled and later two people were arrested.

However, as a result of this incident, the frequency of police controls increased, where various records were issued for drug possession of different people. It was then that the aforementioned site was discovered.

Based on these facts, the Candelaria Local Police requested an entry and search warrant for the home and confiscated the aforementioned drugs.

Finally, the detainees and the report have been sent to the Court of First Instance and Instruction of the Judicial Party of Güímar.

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