The NC national executive will adopt this Saturday an agreement on the collapse of traffic in Los Cristianos and alternatives to Fonsalía

The Sabor or national executive of Nueva Canarias (NC) will adopt this Saturday an agreement on the solution to the traffic congestion, mainly land, of the port of Los Cristianos, in Arona; aggravated in the last decade, indicates the formation.

Government of the Canary Islands and Cabildo de Tenerife agree to analyze the viability of the port of Fonsalía and possible alternatives to the project

Government of the Canary Islands and Cabildo de Tenerife agree to analyze the viability of the port of Fonsalía and possible alternatives to the project

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The resolution will be adopted based on the analysis and debate of an elaborate report from the Tenerife organization, carried out by the coordinator and the member of the island leadership, Valentín Correa and Carmen Nieves Gaspar, respectively. It is a work that proposes an alternative to the Fonsalía macroproject based on the reprogramming of the current port infrastructures of Los Cristianos, complemented with Granadilla. The party advocates that a committee of experts do a study on maritime transport in the area and the viability of combining existing ports.

The president of NC, Román Rodríguez, at the request of the insular, has raised the debate and final decision on the solutions to the mobility problems of Los Cristianos to the first meeting of the national leadership, just started the new political course. Sabor will address the proposal made public by NC de Tenerife last August, at which time it expressed its rejection of the construction of a port in Fonsalía, considering that it is not the solution for the collapse of the Aronero port and for environmental reasons, economic and time.

Carmen Nieves Gáspar and Valentín Correa will explain a detailed compilation report on the background of a problem that has worsened over the last decade without the corresponding public administrations addressing the obstacles to mobility, mainly by land, of people and goods.

The aforementioned work contains other sections that expose the critical elements of the Fonsalía port project, the parliamentary and political activity developed in this regard, as well as various annexes with an environmental analysis and on two figures of environmental protection, the Place of Community Importance (SCI) and the Special Conservation Zone (ZEC); a photographic evolution of the port of Los Cristianos and a history of the port infrastructures of Granadilla.

Nueva Canarias de Tenerife ends this report with some alternative proposals considering that the solution to the congestion of Los Cristianos is not Fonsalía or the macro-project devised but the reprogramming of the existing infrastructures, combined with the port of Granadilla.

Fonsalía, a “serious mistake”

With the “reports and studies that we now have, with the paradigm shift” implied by the coronavirus pandemic and the commitment to “decide” on the ecological transition, according to this work, building in Fonsalía would be a “serious mistake.”

For NC de Tenerife, solutions must be sought in the entry and exit of Los Cristianos through the reorganization of maritime and land traffic, the improvement of shipping companies’ schedules and accessibility by road to the port based on two proposals. On the one hand, make Chayofita Avenue underground, so that road traffic circulates up to the TF-1 highway, at the height of El Mojón. The second, through tunnels, platforms or new street layouts, among other measures.

Nueva Canarias also contemplates the “possibilities” of Granadilla, as a complement to the port of the coastal town of Arona. The organization understands that, “at present, it is underused and it would not be incompatible with the activities that could be established in the future.”

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