The coast of Tenerife, hit by several spills that force the closure of beaches in some municipalities

The coast of Tenerife is being hit by various bacteria and no one knows exactly why. This same Friday the City Council of Granadilla has provisionally prohibited bathing on the beaches of Leocadio Machado, El Médano and Los Abrigos, because it was detected that the parameter of the microbe Escherichia coli (E.coli) is above average. The Municipal Corporation has decided, pending the results of the analyzes in the coming days, to close those points of the coastline.

The mythical pools of Los Silos wake up with dead fish

The mythical pools of Los Silos wake up with dead fish

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In Santa Cruz de Tenerife they are suffering from the same problem. The City Council has recommended not to bathe on the beach of Las Gaviotas due to the appearance of hydrocarbon remains and has detected this same substance near the fishermen’s association in Las Teresitas. The mayor of the capital city, José Manuel Bermúdez, has requested this week the Government of the Canary Islands and the State Administration in Tenerife, Coasts, Maritime Captaincy and Port Authority to urgently investigate the provenance of this substance. Something similar has also happened in Candelaria and Arafo.

On the other hand, mobilized air and maritime means, indicate sources of Maritime Rescue, have carried out an “exhaustive surveillance” and have barely found contamination in the sea, “very little”, so the origin of the spill, they emphasize, “is not determined”. From Salvamento they detail that on August 31, the Salvamar Tenerife boat detected “some sporadic cookie” in front of Radazul, specifically, three pitched balls. Samples were taken and sent to the laboratory for analysis, with no results for now. The next day, a plane from the 112 emergency coordination center flew over the area and did not detect anything at sea.

The puddles of Los Silos, with dead fish

The puddle of Los Chochos (Los Silos), also in Tenerife, has dawned this morning with dozens of dead fish on the surface. In statements to this newspaper, the municipal body affirms that the pool has suffered the “fish tank effect, because of the heat and as there was no renewal with the high tide of the water, there was no oxygen and some fish appeared floating.” However, the Consistory has decided to take samples of the water and send them to be analyzed in case it is not the hypothesis that is being considered so far.

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