Found more than 20 dead birds in a pond located in the Anaga Biosphere Reserve

The agents of the Environmental Protection Unit (UPMA) of La Laguna have located a score of dead birds, due to still unknown circumstances, in the El Manisero de Tejina pond, a natural environment located in the Anaga Biosphere Reserve.

The agents have drawn up the minutes, collected samples of water and certain remains that may have been used as bait, and have delivered the specimens to the La Tahonilla Wildlife Recovery Center, dependent on the Cabildo de Tenerife, for necropsy and toxicological study , informs the City Council of La Laguna.

The finding was made by members and collaborators of SEO / BirdLife, who raised the alarm and reported the facts to the competent authority.

In total, the bodies of 18 specimens have been found, especially feral ducks and common coots, some floating in the water.

The City Council indicates that to the concern about these events, it is added that the autumn migration begins and that species such as the gray heron or the little egret will pass through here in the coming weeks, in addition to those that already live or nest here usually, such as the alpispa (gray wagtail), the common coot, the common martinete, the common redfish or the cattle heron.

“The appearance of so many corpses constitutes a cause for great concern, not only because of the urgency of clarifying what happened and locating, if it were due to a malicious or even accidental act, the persons responsible, but also to rule out other natural and dangerous situations. public health, and that the appropriate and necessary measures can be taken as quickly as possible ”, explains the Councilor for the Environment and Animal Welfare, José Luis Hernández.

The councilor has gone to the area together with the project coordinator of the Spanish Ornithology Society (SEO / BirdLife), Juan Antonio Lorenzo, and other members of this organization, which maintains a land custody agreement with the people who own the land. and the Cabildo de Tenerife, in order to protect the birdlife.

Lorenzo indicates in the note that this group of ponds is one of the most important wetlands of the island and the Canary Islands and expresses his concern because, in addition, the time of migration of birds from northern Europe that visit here and also the Nesters are ending their breeding periods here.

El Manisero is part of a larger set of ponds that extend between Tejina and Bajamar, which are home to a great wealth of birds and, in general, fauna associated with humid environments.

The City Council informs that this one in particular is immersed in an action plan to turn it into an interpretation area for birdlife, an initiative of the owners and SEO / BirdLife that has the collaboration of the City Council of La Laguna and the Cabildo de Tenerife under the figure of the Custody of the Territory.

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