Access to Playa del Bollullo is expected to open to the public on the first weekend of September

La Orotava City Council announces that access to Bollullo beach is expected to be opened next weekend, which was closed at the beginning of last July due to the danger generated by a large rockfall. The closure was mandatory to carry out conditioning, sanitation and improvement works on the cliff, and guarantee the safety of users.

The objective is to open the beach on the first weekend of September and from there it will remain open on weekends and from Monday to Friday from 3:00 p.m., since work on the cliff will continue in the mornings.

After the inspection by the technicians, the city council declared the emergency works. And just 48 hours later, a company specialized in vertical work began to work in the area.

From the beginning, work has been done permanently in the area, with the aim of opening the beach as soon as possible. However, the complications of the terrain and the condition of the cliff itself have meant that the work has dragged on in time, extending more than the technicians had originally anticipated.

In addition to the initial sanitation and revision work on the entire cliff, the installation of protective nets at various points has had to be added to guarantee the safety of the access path to the beach.

Thus, although at first it was thought to be able to restore the accesses in the middle of this month, it was not possible due to the decision of the technicians to expand the area to be protected, and, for this reason, it was not possible to reestablish the accesses in this August.

At the technical meeting to monitor the works this week, it is considered feasible to open to the public with guarantees in a few days, although the works will continue in the area for at least one more month.

It should be remembered that it has also been necessary to replace the beach access railings, as well as part of the path that was interrupted due to the fall of large stones.

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