La Laguna joins the “rooftop revolution” with solar panels in more than 80 public buildings

The Department of the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change of the City Council of La Laguna has chosen photovoltaic production for its energy self-sufficiency. Under the commitment acquired by the Consistory in the Covenant of Mayors and the 2030 Agenda, which include the reduction by 40% of greenhouse gases and the production in the municipality of at least 30% of sources of renewable energy before the year 2030, the area is already working on the self-sufficiency of more than 80 municipal buildings. The process for the placement of solar panels and pergolas is well advanced in 18 of these properties, says the local government in a statement.

The mayor responsible for the area, José Luis Hernández, reports that the infrastructures chosen in this first phase – nine citizen centers, three public car parks and six schools – are facilities that “meet the most appropriate conditions to obtain greater performance, both for their structural characteristics such as its location, which will translate into a considerable drop in the electricity bill ”.

The purpose, he explains, is “to reduce the City Council’s energy consumption and, therefore, to reduce spending and the emission of associated greenhouse gases, by placing photovoltaic panels on roofs and their own facilities to reach the highest percentage of self-consumption. ”. To achieve this goal, an action program will be executed, integrated into the La Laguna: Municipality in Transition 2030 program, which starts from the energy diagnosis already carried out.

The study carried out yielded, based on data obtained from more than 400 accountants, an electricity bill of 1,661,073.07 euros in 2019, “the second highest expense that the Corporation must pay.”

The photovoltaic installations will allow “to advance in the self-sufficiency of La Laguna in a sustainable way, because we will reduce atmospheric pollution and we will achieve significant economic savings in the cost of this service,” emphasizes Hernández.

Solar energy will be used mainly to self-supply municipal buildings that are within a radius of 500 meters from the plates and for charging points for electric vehicles, but “it could also be used to combat situations of energy poverty and share with future energy communities ”.

The area of ​​Environment and the Fight against Climate Change already has detailed projects ready to put panels in the citizen centers El Tranvía, San Matías II, San Luis Gonzaga, San Miguel de Chimisay I, Las Mantecas, Valle Jiménez, San Bartolomé from Geneto, Punta del Hidalgo and Valle de Guerra; and in the parking areas of Las Quinteras, Rodríguez Moure and next to the Local Police building.

To finance this action, the Corporation assures that the Department has requested a subsidy of almost one million euros from the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (covering 85% of the total cost, with the intention that the City Council assume the remaining 15%).

The process to place solar panels and pergolas in these 12 buildings and six educational centers -Lope de Guerra, Ayatimas, Aguere, Punta del Hidalgo, Las Mercedes and San Bartolomé de Tejina- is well advanced. In addition, another 70 potential municipal locations have been selected and are being studied: 41 citizen, socio-cultural and senior centers; the Mayor’s Office and offices of Social Affairs and Local Police of Tejina; 14 sports facilities and another 14 schools.

The area already has 80,000 euros to tender for the execution of the photovoltaic installation at CEIP Punta del Hidalgo, predictably in September, and has awarded a technical study on the photovoltaic potential of all municipally owned roofs. This analysis will be the previous step to the drafting of the detailed projects, with the intention of being able to tender the works later with the European Next Generation funds, the note concludes.

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