Tenerife will provide banana trees to replace the crops damaged by the fire on La Palma

The agrobiotechnological company Cultesa, dependent on the Cabildo de Tenerife, has made available to the agricultural sector of La Palma the acquisition of the banana specimens that it demands to replace the crops damaged by the strong wind and the fire in El Paso and Los Llanos.

The fire burns 6 farms and devastates banana trees on La Palma

The fire burns 6 farms and devastates banana trees on La Palma

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The president of the Cabildo de Tenerife and current head of the Canary Islands Federation (Fecai), Pedro Martín, points out in a statement that in the face of what has happened in the agricultural field in La Palma, Cultesa has put all the material and human resources to disposition of its banana sector so that it can acquire the banana cultivars that it demands. Specifically, Cultesa is open to receive requests from this month and at the end of September, or even prepare larger plants for early plantings at the beginning of next year, he adds.

“We know the importance of sowing times for banana farmers, which roughly marks harvest times and, therefore, market prices,” underlines Pedro Martín. That is why the Cabildo de Tenerife ” can ensure “the sowing of the affected farms on the island of La Palma and” convey the tranquility that there is a plant to replace the plots, “underlines the insular councilor for Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Javier Parrilla.

The agrobiotechnology company indicates that the last reserved plants in Tenerife are currently being delivered and with the remaining plant it has the capacity to meet the demand of the farmers of La Palma. It also informs that the cultivars that can be reserved for plantations until the end of summer are Gruesa Palmera, Brier, Palmerita Tomasa and Criolla. These same cultivars can be prepared for winter plantings or for replanting.

Thus, 8,000 Gruesa Palmera cultivars are available to withdraw, and by the end of September 7,000 of Palmerita Tomasa, 3,000 of Criolla, 20,000 of Brier and 20,000 of Gruesa Palmera.

The entity points out that the Cupalma, Europlátano, Covalle, Prosperidad, Banaguna, Eden, Volcán, Playa Blanca and Teneguía palm cooperatives have contacted, but they have not yet specified any amount because they are waiting for the insurance valuations.

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