A woman in critical condition and a missing person in an accident in the Tancón cave, south of Tenerife

Tenerife’s emergency services have rescued three bathers from the sea who were in distress in the El Tancón cave area, in Santiago del Teide, including a woman in critical condition, and are looking for a fourth person, according to informed a 112 spokeswoman.

According to the first information available to 112, the emergency has occurred in the surroundings of a natural pool on the coast, very frequented by bathers.

The rescue services were mobilized after information was received that four people were in trouble at sea in that part of the coast.

The rescuers have managed to recover and land three people. Of them, two have multiple contusions and some symptoms of semi-drowning and the third, a woman, has been resuscitated from a cardiorespiratory arrest and is transferred to the Hospital de Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria in critical condition.

The different emergency teams are still searching the area for a fourth person, who is currently missing.

At the site, members of the Tenerife firefighters, the Civil Guard, the Local Police and the Canary Islands Emergency Service are working, with the support of a Canarian Government helicopter and a Maritime Rescue boat.

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