All information on euthanasia and its application procedure in the Canary Islands has been enabled

The Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands, through the General Directorate of Assistance Programs, has enabled in their website and in that of the Canary Islands Health Service (SCS) all the information on the right to euthanasia and its application procedure.

The information is aimed at patients and families, as well as professionals from public and private health centers, as reported by the regional Executive in a statement.

Thus, it exposes in an “accessible and easy-to-understand” way the content of Organic Law 3/2021, of March 24, regulating euthanasia (LORE) and the procedure to request it, with direct access to official documents and forms. .

In this way, the section on information for patients and their families explains basic questions such as what is euthanasia, what is the provision of help to die and who can request it, as well as what guarantees exist so that the patient has solid information for an adequate, full, free and genuine decision.

Likewise, it is also informed about whether a person who is not in full use of their powers to give their free, voluntary and conscious consent can request euthanasia, and what happens if the person presented the Advance Declaration of Will (AVM) before the publication of this Law.

It also informs about the Guarantee and Evaluation Commission of the provision of aid for dying in the Canary Islands, a collegiate and multidisciplinary body created to guarantee the right of people who meet the regulated conditions to request and receive the necessary help.

Regarding the application procedure, it informs how to request it, where and how the provision will be carried out, the existing guarantees on the right to privacy and confidentiality of the data throughout the procedure, the revocation, palliative care and the conscientious objection of the professionals.

Regarding the information for health professionals, this contains the “Guide for the application of the provision of aid to die” and the documents that make up the procedure, as well as information on the registration process in the Registry of Health Professionals of Canary Conscientious Objectors to help to die.

The inscription in the Registry of the declaration of conscientious objection and, where appropriate, its subsequent modification or revocation can be carried out by the interested person through an electronic procedure that is available at the electronic headquarters of Public Administration of the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands.

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