The Cabildo de Tenerife prohibits the stay and transit in the island mountains due to the risk of forest fires

Due to the extreme alert situation dictated by the Security and Emergencies Directorate of the Government of the Canary Islands, and the activation of the Special Plan for Civil Protection and Attention to Emergencies due to Forest Fires in the Autonomous Community (INFOCA), with special attention to the midlands , high areas and peaks, the Island Council of Tenerife, reminds the population that activities in the forest areas are suspended as of this Friday, and that from tomorrow Saturday the stay and transit in the mountains is prohibited until said statement that, at the moment, has no date.

The heat wave forces the Canarian Government to declare the alert for the risk of forest fires in several islands

The heat wave forces the Canarian Government to declare the alert for the risk of forest fires in several islands

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The president of the island corporation, Pedro Martín, has indicated that “the next few days we will experience an episode of high temperatures, a reduction in relative humidity in the environment and even winds, which have led the Government of the Canary Islands to decree this maximum alert in all the islands ”, so, said the president,“ we have to contemplate with exquisite care the maintenance of security measures, for which, as of today, Friday, the use of forest spaces, both trails, and tracks and recreational areas, and the use of machinery or tools that can produce sparks, the execution of forestry operations and recreational and camping areas are already limited and from tomorrow, Saturday, the stay of people in the mountains and the cross-country transit ”.

The insular councilor for Natural Environment and Security Management, Isabel García, also made a call for “prudence and common sense in the face of the extreme heat situation that we will suffer in the coming days, which can generate serious problems in our mountains” and reminded the population “the need to be aware of the uses so that there are no outbreaks or alarms at a time of extreme meteorological delicacy that is also linked to Level 4 of the health alert for COVID19”.

Therefore, and while this maximum alert lasts, activities with fireworks will be suspended on the island, recreational and camping areas will remain closed and authorized sports activities, including hunting, will be suspended until the end of the warnings.

The forecast indicates that, especially as of Saturday, for the mid-range areas (750-800 meters), the maximum temperatures may reach values ​​of 40ºC. Relative humidity will remain very low throughout the Saharan air advection period, which is expected to last over the next week.

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