The beach of El Médano reopens after indicating the analytical that the water is suitable

The City Council of Granadilla de Abona will proceed this Friday to reopen the El Médano beach, closed yesterday due to contamination of the E.coli bacteria, after indicating the analytics that the water is suitable for bathing.

The central beach of El Médano was closed this Thursday to the bathroom after detecting a pollution index above the allowed by the Canary Islands Sanitary Inspection Service, which has reported that it was a specific event in that area and the rest of the beaches remained open at all times as the analytics carried out on the same day were correct, the council has indicated in a note.

Also the company awarded the water analysis service in the bathing areas in the municipality, which is carried out twice a week, has confirmed today that the waters of this beach are suitable for bathing.

The City Council has indicated that the closure of the beach was decided as a precautionary measure to guarantee the safety of the population, it has ruled out that the pollution registered is related to the emissaries and has stressed that the causes of what happened are still being investigated.

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