A 27-year-old man with no previous pathologies dies this Thursday from COVID-19 in Tenerife

The Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands registers 252 cases of COVID-19 in Tenerife this Thursday, so the total number of infected since they have records amounts to 41,967. In the last 24 hours, three people in Tenerife have lost their lives due to the disease: a 47-year-old woman and two 77 and 27-year-old men, the latter having no previous pathologies. With these deaths, the number of deaths on the island increased to 490.

The number of ICU patients due to COVID in the Canary Islands already exceeds 100

The number of ICU patients due to COVID in the Canary Islands already exceeds 100

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In Tenerife, 9,004 cases of COVID-19 remain active: 59 in serious condition in the ICU, 295 in the hospital ward and 8,650 in quarantine at their homes.

The Accumulated Incidence at 7 days on the island stands at 185.01 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and at 14 days at 470.92 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

The Canary Islands today registered 529 new cases of coronavirus COVID-19. The total number of accumulated cases in the Canary Islands is 87,115 with 15,629 active, of which 102 are admitted to the ICU and 447 remain hospitalized. In the last few hours, two people have also died from the disease on La Palma: two women aged 88 and 64, the latter without previous pathologies.

In the rest of the islands, Gran Canaria has 33,207 accumulated, 223 more, and 5,947 active. For its part, Lanzarote adds 26 positives, with 6,335 accumulated and 193 assets; Fuerteventura has 3,771 accumulated cases, with 23 more than the previous day, and 415 active. La Palma adds three new cases, so it has 1,021 accumulated and 53 active; El Hierro adds one case, so it has 432 accumulated and nine assets, while La Gomera increases its cases by one, so its accumulated are 378 and its assets are six.

291 fewer cases than last Thursday in the Canary Islands

The data reported today represents a decrease of 291 positives compared to last Thursday, when 820 new infections were reported. In the last 12 days there has been a continuous decline in the number of cases.

Until today, 1,914,316 diagnostic tests have been carried out in the Islands, of which 6,610 correspond to yesterday.

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