A young British man arrested at the Tenerife South airport for refusing to present his PCR

The National Police arrested a 22-year-old man of British nationality, with no police record, as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of resistance and disobedience committed at the Tenerife Sur airport.

The events occurred on August 1, in the departure area of ​​the airport complex.

National police officers were carrying out their border control functions when they checked an individual who failed to comply with the exit requirements for the United Kingdom.

This person, according to the personnel of the airline with whom he was going to fly and who was accompanying him, had not carried out the mandatory COVID infection detection test, which is why he could not get on the plane.

The agents, after requiring him to hand over his personal documentation repeatedly, given his unfounded refusal and due to the resistance he put up, even hindering the boarding of the rest of the passengers, proceeded to his arrest and transfer to the police offices of the Border Post of the National Police.

The detainee, once the corresponding report had been made, was placed at the disposal of the competent judicial authority.

The actions have been carried out by national police officers from the Border Post of the National Police at the Reina Sofía airport.

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