Caught Speeding at 150kph

The Guardia Civil has accused a woman of reckless driving who recorded a video while driving her vehicle at 150 kilometers per hour on the south of Tenerife highway and then published it on social networks.

In the video, detected on September 7 by the Investigation and Analysis Group of the Canary Islands Guardia Civil Traffic Sector, the woman is seen driving on the TF-1 highway in the direction of Santa Cruz between kilometers 8.9 and 7.2 at this point the speedometre detects the driver is travelling at 150 kilometers per hour, according to officials.

The driver includes a comment on her viral video publication: “At night I try to feel again, and just by doing this my adrenaline overcomes my pain, I can´t go any faster because the poor car´s steering wheel is already shaking”.

The agents were able to identify both the person and the vehicle and consider that it can be considered a very serious administrative offense of reckless driving, as it involves the use of mobile devices while driving at high speed.

If the offense is considered reckless driving, the woman could be punished with a 500 euros fine and with the loss of 6 points from her driving license.

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