Brawl breaks out on Tenerife street after man throws himself into path of traffic

A video filmed by a local resident in Santa Cruz, of man and woman brawling with another man on the street, has just been published.

The video, taken by local resident Jose Mariano Amaro Torres, shows a man throwing himself in front of oncoming traffic shortly before a man and a woman walk up to him and start throwing punches.

The man seems to be trying to make it look like he was hit by the car but the pedestrians saw what he did and were not happy with his behaviour.

Moments later, a blonde woman in a pink tank top walks over and appears to kick him.

A local resident said: “Sadly, this is a typical image of Pancho Camurria. Something needs to be done about this.”

These are stressful times for many people due to the current situation.


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