Easy green and red mojo sauce recipes you can make at home

A popular Canary Islands local food papas arrugadas con mojo. In English Canarian potatoes with mojo sauce. Red mojo and green mojo sauces are used throughout the Canaries and turn their wrinkled salty potatoes (papas arrugadas) into a delicious side dish.

With my cheeky little fool proof recipe you can easily recreate the classic Canarian dish at home. I have used these two recipes time and time again each time with amazing results. For best results i would recommend you use a smoothie type blender to get the smooth consistency. You could probably get away with using a normal blender but would have to work at moving the lumps about etc to get the right consistency.

Basically all you need to do is add all the following ingredients and blend. Don’t be afraid to experiment with these recipes as all restaurants use different methods and ingredients this is the one that works best every time for me. You may want more or less chilli in the red mojo sauce depending on how hot you like it. It should keep for up to a month in the fridge.