Amazing photo caught of Comet Neowise above Mount Teide

The amazing photographer caught Comet Neowise, which has been visible all over the world on the night of Tuesday 21st July. It looks just as though the comet is landing right into the centre of Mount Tiede. He posted the story of how he captured his photo on instagram. Here it is.

Last Monday I did a 12km round hike to get the comet as I had planned. Once in place and with enough time to move to the right location, I realized that I was missing the right location by few hundred meters. As I am still recovering from an injury in my calf muscle I had to keep my energy for the way back.

As i was walking back I felt I needed to go back the next day and so I did. On Tuesday I nailed it! I was exactly where I wanted and got the shot I wanted although not technically what I would like (due to a problem with the star tracker). However that’s not a problem at all… It’s walking the path what I really love of this game 🙂

Thank you Carlos M. Almagro for letting us share your story and wonderful photo.

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