The Canary Islands could become the first community to test Covid at its airports

The Archipelago has proposed to the Ministry of Health a “methodology” for its evaluation, said the Minister of Health, Blas Trujillo

The Minister of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands, Blas Trujillo, said this Tuesday that the archipelago could be the first autonomous community to establish tests for the detection of coronavirus at airports.

The Canary Islands have proposed a “methodology” to the Ministry of Health for its evaluation, said Trujillo in the plenary session of Parliament in response to the PP deputy Miguel Ángel Ponce González, who denounced that countries such as Germany and France and regions such as Madeira offer such tests, while in the Canary Islands there is no provision for them.

Trujillo recalled that testing has been one of the most insistent demands of the Canaries and, although he admitted that “it is not achieved” he announced that he is “on the verge of being able to achieve it”.

He explained that “we have reached a methodology that we have proposed for its evaluation” and now “we are in an optimistic situation when we see the receptivity to our proposals” on the part of the Ministry, said the counselor.

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