Four arrested for drug trafficking in a cannabis club in Tenerife

The National Police have arrested four people, three men and one woman, aged between 19 and 24, as alleged perpetrators of a drug trafficking crime committed in a cannabis club in the municipality of Arona, Tenerife.

The police action resulted in the discovery of 2 kilos of marijuana, 40 grams of hashish, 922 euros and 122 pounds, allegedly from the sale of narcotic substances, which were inside the location of the club as reported by the National Police in a statement on Wednesday.

This security forces were aware of the existence of the cannabis club due to seizures of drugs made from tourists in previous days.

The agents explained that one of the detainees was doing PR work and capturing potential buyers among tourists.

Using a security system set up in the vicinity of the association, the national police officers were able to verify the facts and, once sufficient evidence had been gathered, they arrested four young people, the person responsible, and three of the club’s workers.

In addition to the narcotic substances, a list of sales of the previous days was taken, which was on two sheets with notes, and another handwritten sheet showing the narcotic substances offered, as well as the prices of each of them.

Following the actions carried out by national police officers of the Public Safety Brigade of the Local National Police Station of Southern Tenerife, the detainees, together with the statement made to that effect, were brought before the courts.

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